New ICE Futures U.S. Wash Trade FAQ

Effective February 23, 2016, ICE Futures U.S., Inc. (“ICE” or “Exchange”) issued a revised Wash Trade Frequently Asked Questions (“ICE FAQ”).  This ICE FAQ replaces a 2009 ICE Wash Trade FAQ and provides additional guidance to market participants on trades that may constitute wash trades.  The ICE FAQ also highlights intermediary and third party obligations not to accept orders for trades if it knows or should know that they are wash trades.

The scope of the wash trade prohibition applies to any “market participant” which the FAQ defines as “any person initiating or executing a transaction directly or through an intermediary, and any person for whose benefit such a transaction has been initiated or executed.  A market participant also includes any individual or firm that is involved with the placement, negotiation, or execution of a transaction such as a floor, firm or voice broker.”  read more

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