FERC Issues Order Clarifying Reporting Requirements in the Electric Quarterly Report and Updating Data Dictionary

On June 16, 2016, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued an order implementing specified clarifications to existing Electric Quarterly Report (“EQR”) reporting requirements and the accompanying EQR Data Dictionary.  The Commission’s order revised or affirmed the following reporting requirements and data fields:  (1) Increment Name; (2) Commencement Date of Contract Terms; (3) Transmission-related data; (4) Time Zone field options; and (5) E-Tag ID-related data fields.  Notably, the Commission also announced that, going forward, it will post to its website such “minor or non-material” changes to EQR reporting requirements and the EQR Data Dictionary, in addition to notifying EQR users via e-mail.  It will no longer propose these types of changes in a Commission order or rulemaking and, as a result, will not provide an opportunity for comment.  It explained that this will enable the agency to make minor or non-material changes in a more timely manner.  What the Commission deems to be “significant changes” to the EQR reporting requirements and the EQR Data Dictionary will be proposed in a Commission Order or rulemaking.  read more

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